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helping others – far and near Thursday - 14th March 2013

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i know when i think about donating money, time, and/or items to organisations, i think about the potential impact, whether the donation is truly appreciated and how i can make my donation go farther. alas, i am not bill gates nor am i mark zuckerberg and cannot splash out a cool million to my favourite causes. there are so many!  i wish i could pump up the bank accounts of a few worthy organisations, but since that’s not going to happen,  i need to get more creative.


one thing i can do, is spread the word. today, i want to draw attention to two friends’ non-profit, called Kaidedra. two former colleagues at the world economic forum started this non-profit to help support sustainable community initiatives in burkina faso. why there? why not. there are so many communities across the globe that need support and my friends chose this one. and i say, more power to them!


if you are looking for a way to help and want to know that your donation will go somewhere and will actually help and be put to good use as opposed to being sucked up by admin costs, please have a look. actually, have a look anyways. it’s inspiring to see what people can accomplish when they let their passion be their guide.



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