this is not a mommyblog… or is it?

time flies Tuesday - 12th March 2013

Filed under: the daily grind — luettedeern @ 1125

it is hard to believe that i have let this sit for so long. i often thought about writing a post to my blog. but then looked around my house at piles of dishes, laundry or duplo blocks and brio trains scattered across three rooms and thought better of it. 

in the meanwhile since i last posted, i no longer have only one little person around but two. two little people to eat up all my free time. don’t get me wrong: i love who they are and i love that fact that they make my life richer every day!  but adding a second child doesn’t just double the work. other mothers told me that, too. and i thought, yeah, whatever. i can do one, i can do two. wrong! when i found myself in the situation of having 2 under 2 and still a stay at home mama, i nearly lost my brain every day. now that i have 2 under 3, i lose it every other day.

in any case, i am going to try to keep up my blogging if for no other reason than to keep myself a bit saner.



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